A simple, ordinary, flat plane as a subject: a surface. Texture, color, and form become dominant. The surface is a void, apparently not of much interest except for what surrounds it. Objects at or beyond the edge of the surface are pushed to the edge of the photograph, even uncomfortably so, providing context without being the subject, and engage the viewer to imagine what is beyond the frame.

Grey Gravel
Excavated Soil
Leaves and Green Guardrail
Lawn with Aloe Plant
Pine Needles and Coral
Rippled Paving Stones
Driveway Ramp
Granite Block Sidewalk
Empty Parking Lot
Chairs on Cobbled Street
Raked Gravel Surface
Mesh and Straw
Pine Needles and Grill
Unplanted Garden
Small Leaves on Grass
Cemetery Grass
Stone Rip Rap
Painted Metal Plates