My photographs are about a way of looking at a place, but not a particular place. Framed with a common viewpoint, they are images of the urban environment discovered anywhere in the world I happen to be. I study intimate spaces the eye sweeps as one strolls along. This is a zone of the ordinary, and seldom does our gaze rest there for very long.

Here I find transitions; simple divisions in the urban fabric. Elements such as curbs, fences, thresholds, crosswalks, and building corners split the city into zones: automobile/pedestrian; interior/exterior; hard/soft; recreation/commerce; natural/manmade. This is the city carved up, divided, and fused together by commonplace activity.

I am drawn to their dual-point perspective, with the subject receding in two directions. Devoid of people, the photos nevertheless express humanity. The ordinary accrual of stuff, and the maintained or neglected built realm, reminds us of the people who created the photographic subject. In these places is a short story.

Grey Wall Yellow Curb
Phone Pole Shadow
Brick Wall at Driveway
Granite Brick and Stucco
painted Brickwork 2
Dumpster Shadow
Post and Pole
Sign Shadow at Wall
Sign Shadow and Wall
White Fence and Wall
Green Post and Sidewalk
Bollards with Yellow Curb
Coiled Hose
Steps at Corner
Three White Stripes
Steps and Drain Grating
Blue Door on Cobbled Street
Green Door and Moss